Santa Ana, California, November 8, 2018 – The San Diego DUI Attorney Law Firm announces the resolution of People v. N.D., a felony criminal law case in Superior Court.

Earlier this year, N.D. driving a motor vehicle on a local freeway and was involved in a motor vehicle collision. As a result of the collision, one individual was ejected from a motor vehicle and was later pronounced dead, while another person was treated at a local hospital for a broken arm.

Shortly after the incident, local law enforcement claimed to have found several illegal substances in N.D. blood stream, and he was subsequently charged with Vehicular Manslaughter, Felony Driving Under the Influence Causing Injury, and Hit and Run Causing Injury.

Facing an extensive amount of time in custody, N.D. turned to San Diego DUI Attorney Law Firm for assistance with his criminal charges.

After an extensive investigation by San Diego DUI Attorney Law Firm, the matter was eventually set ready for trial. On the eve of trial, San Diego DUI Attorney Law Firm was able to resolve the matter, not only avoiding the dangers of going to trial, but also enabling his client to avoid Prison/Jail, by completing a short period of probation. Even more amazing is the fact that once his client has completed probation, his client should be able to withdraw his plea and have the matter dismissed.

According to our lead attorney, a former Deputy District Attorney and Veteran of The United States Army, “achieving success for my clients is a top priority for me. To put myself in the best position possible to obtain these types of results, I surround myself with the best and the brightest in the legal community, and I take the time to get to know all of the facts of each and every case.”