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San Diego DUI Breath and Blood Tests

A breathalyzer analysis, administered by a law enforcement officer following a DUI traffic stop, provides an indirect value of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). This test measures the level of alcohol in proportion to exhaled air, not the level of alcohol in the blood stream, and errors can happen in the testing process.

Some factors that can affect the results when testing for BAC with a breath analyzer include:

  • Body temperature or respiration rate of the person being tested.
  • Amount of time that has passed between the traffic stop and testing.
  • Presence of alcohol-containing substances in the mouth (e.g. mouthwash).
  • Presence of stomach fluid (bile) due to vomiting or regurgitation.
  • Malfunction or poor calibration of the breath analyzer.
  • Improper application of the breath analyzer during testing.
  • The analysis of your breath involves a mathematical ratio, which is an estimate of the “average” person. Thus, it can be seen as an inaccurate analysis of your BAC. In addition, values may fluctuate based upon any of the factors listed above, calling the results into question.

Because breath analyzers have been found to be inaccurate, police officers may instruct you to take the test multiple times in order to achieve consistent results. If you fail to comply by providing these repetitive samples, your driver’s license can be suspended for a period of one year.

The defense lawyers at San Diego DUI Attorney are very experienced in revealing errors of the breath analysis process and can help to make sure your rights are protected when charged with driving under the influence.

DUI Blood Test

A blood test is the most accurate test available to measure an individual’s blood alcohol concentration, or the presence of drugs in an individual’s system, following a DUI arrest. As is the case with the breath analysis, errors may occur when collecting, testing and analyzing blood samples. For example, sometimes blood samples are not properly preserved or they may not be tested in a timely manner. In such cases, the samples may begin to decompose or coagulate and this can lead to false readings. Improper record keeping, contamination of a sample or failure to follow proper procedures at the testing laboratories are all reasons that blood alcohol test results could be compromised.

Blood test results are not infallible. Our experienced attorneys at San Diego DUI Attorney can determine when questionable or faulty processes have affected the credibility of your test results. Call San Diego DUI Attorney today to schedule a FREE initial consultation to review your case. We are dedicated criminal defense lawyers and will help you when facing charges for driving under the influence in San Diego County.

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