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Are you being investigated for a DUI crime in San Diego?

If you are in San Diego or sourrounding county, and are being investigated for a crime, immediate action is required to ensure that your rights are not being violated and that you are not doing anything that might compromise your case. The criminal process and the need to protect your rights can begin even before you are arrested or charged. If investigators are contacting you that usually indicates that they are gathering information and evidence before they make an arrest. Once sufficient information has been collected, you will be arrested. In this situation, timing is critical and any mistake made when talking with law enforcement can be extremely damaging. It is critical that you protect your rights as well as the integrity of your case by retaining the assistance of a defense attorney before answering any questions.

Law enforcement officials have specialized training in eliciting information to support their case. Given their expertise and the stressful nature of being questioned by law enforcement officials, many people disclose more than they should. This information can later be used to convict you in court. It is essential that you do not talk to law enforcement until you have secured the assistance of an attorney.

Pre-filing stage

Depending on the nature of the crime you are suspected of being associated with, it may take investigators months to build their case against you. During this pre-filing stage, investigators may contact you, your family, or others you are associated with. Officers may also search your property during this time if they have a valid search warrant. You are not required to provide any information during this questioning. If you suspect you are being investigated, do not wait to hire an attorney until you are arrested or for charges to be filed. An experienced defense attorney can begin researching your case and can advise you on how to respond to law enforcement, which could be a factor in whether or not investigators have enough evidence to arrest you. Additionally, an attorney can reach out to law enforcement early in the process to deter potentially damaging interviews, line-ups, fingerprinting, or other methods of gathering evidence against you. A criminal defense attorney will ensure that your rights are protected, work to minimize allegations, and often can informally resolve issues in your case to avoid criminal charges from being filed. If prosecution is unavoidable, the work an attorney is able to do during the pre-filing stage helps clients request a voluntary surrender to avoid being arrested in public. Additionally, an attorney involved in pre-filing is able to assist with arranging bail to minimize the client’s stay in custody.

How our San Diego DUI Attorney can help

One of the services we offer at San Diego DUI Attorney, is the expert representation of our clients from the pre-filing stage through the court case, if it is needed. Often a law enforcement officer will contact a client in person or by phone asking about an alleged crime before charges have been filled. The officer may contact potential suspects as well as potential witnesses. Having a skilled and knowledgeable attorney by your side at this time can make the difference between being arrested and avoiding charges altogether. Often, cases involving a pre-filing period include domestic violence, hit and run, white collar crime (e.g. embezzlement or employee theft), other financial crimes, or any other alleged crime requiring the corroboration of witness statements. Sometimes these investigations continue for months. Knowing that your attorney is diligently ensuring your rights and protecting your interests during this time can relieve fear and anxiety and bring you peace of mind.

If you suspect you may be under investigation, do not hesitate to call our office. All communications are held in strict confidence and we will meet in the privacy and security of our office to prevent any monitoring of our meeting. If a law enforcement officer contacts you, remember your right to remain silent is your most important right. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation at 619-535-7150.

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